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“Recording Session for ‘Cross Transit’” by Yoshie Abe

Recording Session for “Cross Transit”

Photo: Mariko Omi
Recently I was given the opportunity to take part in the recording of music for a contemporary dance production called “Cross Transit.” The music director Hiroaki Yokoyama came all the way to Sado for the recording with me! Mr. Yokoyama is such a talented person who has provided music to so many different artists.

Photo: Mariko Omi

These photos show our recording sessions at Kodo Village in the rehearsal hall. Most of the Kodo members are away on tour, so I was lucky to have the whole space to myself for this recording.

Photo: Mariko Omi

We layered my vocals to create depth, recorded my voice doing sound effects and animal sounds, and I spoke lines from a script. It was unlike any recording I have ever done before and it was… interesting! I look forward to seeing how it will turn out with the touch of Mr. Yokoyama’s magic.

Photo: Mariko Omi
I hope you will all go along to see the performance.


Cross Transit


Hiroaki Yokoyama, Sound Director (Profile courtesy of Cross Transit website)

He was born in Texas, U.S.A. and spent his childhood in the Netherlands.
During university, he toured with many artists as an assisting member and composed music for TV commercials, films, and animations.
He composes, arranges, and produces music for many artists including YUKI, MISIA, JUJU, Yuko Ando, and Kaera Kimura.
He has toured and played for Noriyuki Makihara, miwa, and Gen Hoshino on keyboard.
He currently is a member of Rendez-vous Band directed by Keiichi Sokabe and L.E.D.


“At Summer’s End” by Yuichiro Funabashi

At Summer’s End

Photo: Maiko Miyagawa

Here on Sado Island, the late-August Ogi Port Festival signals the end of summer each year.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

In August this year, we accomplished two great feats. At our 35th Anniversary Commemorative Concerts, we performed three diverse programmes over three consecutive days at Suntory Hall under the direction of Tamasaburo Bando. The wonderful acoustics of Suntory Hall echoed with the sounds of taiko and orchestra, while dynamic music and dance filled the hall with electric energy.

Photo: Takashi OkamotoPhoto: Takashi Okamoto

The performances commemorated Kodo’s 35 years of history, and also the past sixteen years spent working under the passionate guidance of Tamasaburo Bando. These performances were also a fitting “first step” into the future for Kodo.

Photo: Maiko Miyagawa

The week after our celebrations at Suntory Hall, our annual festival “Earth Celebration” took on a brand new challenge by shifting its focus to Sado Island as a whole. Thanks to the support of many people, the festival was able to offer a wide array of events and activities all over Sado.

Photo: Erika UedaPhoto: Takashi Okamoto

This year EC did not feature its symbolic Shiroyama Concerts. Instead, with events such as Kodo Village Concert (directed by Kenta Nakagome), EC Theatre (directed by Masayuki Sakamoto & Mitsuru Ishizuka), and Kodo Fringe Performances (led by Eri Uchida, Yosuke Kusa, & Yuta Sumiyoshi), this year the Kodo members were able to spend more time wholeheartedly enjoying the festival with people from Sado and afar, with more freedom for spontaneity and experimentation than we have had in recent years.

Photo: Takashi OkamotoPhoto: Maiko Miyagawa

With great changes come a lot of hurdles, but I felt each Kodo member make the most of their unique talents to rise to this new challenge, and new buds of creativity certainly bloomed. I felt growth as the festival expanded to encompass the whole island for this summer celebration of the earth.

Photo: Erika Ueda

Both the Suntory Hall concerts & Earth Celebration took a great deal of time and hard work from rehearsals through to the actual events, and the look of fulfilment on the performers’ faces was a sign that they had all gained so much from these experiences, as did I. Kodo currently has time for rehearsals, a place to rehearse, and range of instruments to seek the sound we want to create. For us as performers, these conditions are irreplaceable assets. I think we owe this wonderful environment to everyone who has lent Kodo their support and guidance to date, to our audience, and to our staff. We are grateful to you all.

Photo: Erika Ueda

Without a moment to rest, the Interactive Tour and Kodo One Earth Tour “Spiral” have already set off on the road in Japan. We have small ensemble and solo projects underway, too, which like our tours will take the many things we gained through our experiences this summer on the road and pour them into our sound. We also look forward to bringing the new experiences we gain around Japan and abroad over the next months back home with us.


Yuichiro Funabashi, Kodo Ensemble Leader


Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Spiral

[Sep. 15–25, 2016] Chieko Kojima Appearance with TaikoProject in “Road to Kumano” (USA)

Chieko Kojima Appearance with TaikoProject in “Road to Kumano” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


This month, Chieko Kojima will appear in “Road to Kumano” a collaborative work with TaikoProject in Los Angeles. If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll come along!


Sep. 15 (Thu), 16 (Fri), 17 (Sat), 18 (Sun), 22 (Thu), 23 (Fri), 24 (Sat), 25 (Sun), 2016

(10 performances)

David Henry Hwang Theater, East West Players, Los Angeles, California, USA

Doors Open: TBA

Dates & Start Times
Sep. 15 (Thu) 20:00
Sep. 16 (Fri) 20:00
Sep. 17 (Sat) 14:00 & 20:00
Sep. 18 (Sun) 14:00
Sep. 22 (Thu) 20:00
Sep. 23 (Fri) 20:00
Sep. 24 (Sat) 14:00 & 20:00
Sep. 25 (Sun) 14:00

Price: $30–$50

Ticket Availability: Now on sale

Venue Website: http://www.eastwestplayers.org

Event URL: http://www.eastwestplayers.org/on-the-stage/road-to-kumano/

Inquiries: TaikoProject http://taikoproject.com

“KASA MIX 2016″ by Yui Kawamoto


Photo: Yui Kawamoto

Rumored to be “life-changing,” this biennial program called KASA MIX is an intensive program designed for taiko players from outside of Japan.

Photo: Yui Kawamoto

With the current growth of the international taiko culture and community, the KASA MIX participants have gathered from countries all over the world such as  United States, Canada, England, Argentina.

Photo: Yui Kawamoto

When they arrived on Sado, the KASA MIX participants joined our apprentices in their unique lifestyle at the Kodo Apprentice Centre.

Photo: Yui KawamotoPhoto: Yui Kawamoto

They participated in every aspect, from the early morning workout to eating meals, cleaning, and taking baths together.

Photo: Yui Kawamoto

Photo: Yui KawamotoPhoto: Yui Kawamoto

They took a variety of different workshops from our veteran Kodo performing members, and experienced the great seasonal nature of Sado.

Photo: Yui KawamotoPhoto: Yui Kawamoto

Timing worked out perfectly to observe one of the practices of ondeko (demon drumming) in the Iwakubi community, and had the opportunity to learn an ondeko dance themselves, from the Kasuga community in the latter half of their stay.

Photo: Yui KawamotoPhoto: Yui Kawamoto

And of course, they enjoyed everything else that this island has to offer.

Photo: Yui Kawamoto

Photo: Yui KawamotoPhoto: Yui Kawamoto

Gathering from all over the world, the participants were able to share with us some taiko stories from their country or area.

The different reasons, history, spirit and culture that each person had shared with us have opened up a bigger world for our young apprentices who had no knowledge on the taiko culture outside of Japan.

As they discovered their new findings of taiko in the world, it looked to me that they found another reason to strive to become a Kodo performing member.

Photo: Yui Kawamoto

KASA MIX has come to an end once again with very warm and heart-filling memories through this short time we had together on Sado island.

As one of the staff members for this program, I was very moved by the unification we have created through taiko, which brought a sense of nostalgic comfort to my heart.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year! We look forward to seeing you again somewhere in this world.

Photo: Yui Kawamoto

Next one is coming up again in two years! To all taiko enthusiasts all over the world, we look forward to having you here on Sado for our next KASA MIX!

“The Interactive Performance Tour Begins!” by Akiko Ando

The Interactive Performance Tour Begins!


This is my fifth year on stage with Kodo and my first time performing on the School Workshop & Interactive Performance tour. Our first performance was at a school in Shinjo, Yamagata, last week.


The atmosphere and dialect of the Tohoku region made me feel nostalgic for my hometown area, Akita Prefecture.


I will tour with this cast until December this year. I hope you will come along and see our performance. I think it has a unique sound and feel that only the seven of us could create!



Kodo Interactive Performances

Sep.–Nov. 2016 (Japan)

“‘Spiral’ Tour Sets Off!” by Hayato Otsuka

Sep. 1, 2016

“Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Spiral” Tour Sets Off!

This morning, it felt like autumn weather had arrived as we set off on our Japan tour with “Kodo One Earth Tour: Spiral,” given a farewell taiko serenade by some of the members remaining on Sado.

Photo: Erika UedaPhoto: Erika Ueda

Photo: Erika Ueda

Photo: Erika UedaPhoto: Erika Ueda

Photo: Erika Ueda

Photo: Erika Ueda

We look forward to seeing you all at theaters all over Japan soon!



About “Spiral”




Performances in Tama, Tokyo (Sep. 17 & 18)


“Kodo One Earth Tour: Spiral” Cast & Crew Prepare for Japan Tour

Photo: Erika Ueda

After Earth Celebration and Ogi Minato Matsuri, today the cast of new production “Spiral” had their final pre-tour run-through rehearsal. The first domestic tour of this work is about to begin!

“Spiral” premiered at Suntory Hall on Aug. 19 as one of Kodo’s 35th Anniversary Commemorative Concerts. Next, we look forward to sharing this performance with audiences in 36 cities nationwide from September through December. Please come along to see us at a theater somewhere soon!

Photo: Takashi OkamotoPhoto: Takashi Okamoto

“Spiral” Premiere at Suntory Hall (Photos: Takashi Okamoto)


“Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Spiral” Japan Tour

Thank You for Joining Us for Earth Celebration 2016!

Thank You for Joining Us on Sado Island for Earth Celebration 2016

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Photo: Takashi OkamotoPhoto: Takashi Okamoto

Photo: Takashi Okamoto



Photo: Takashi Okamoto ▶ read more

“Rehearsing for Kodo Fringe at EC” by Yosuke Kusa

Aug. 25, 2016

Photo: Ryoma Tsurumi

We are at Ogi Gym today rehearsing for the first Kodo appearance at EC 2016, which will be on the Fringe stage! We are going to give a super energetic performance to really liven things up, so please come along!

Photo: Ryoma Tsurumi

Photo: Ryoma Tsurumi

Earth Celebration 2016 Fringe Performances


“Farewell Message” by Kosuke Urushikubo

Farewell Message

I will part ways with Kodo at the end of August to focus on specialized studies of the bamboo flute.

Photo: Erika Ueda

Before I started playing the flute, I had never tried to play other instruments nor been able to entertain people. It is the first instrument I was able to use to make people happy. Since I first started playing the bamboo flute, I have learned about how to play musical instruments, how to interact with people, and I have learned to think about how I can make people feel good. I have learnt to think of others when I play, rather than think of myself. I felt my own sense of purpose in playing the flute and my true identity. The bamboo flute has changed my life greatly, so now my aim is to spend my life connected to music and the bamboo flute.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

I was able to spend four years as a Kodo member on Sado Island thanks to your kind support. Once I leave, I will continue to cheer Kodo on from outside the group and I hope to use what Kodo has taught me to give back to the group someday. I am nervous to think about leaving and my new path, but I will take what I have learned during my time with Kodo and use this invaluable experience to guide and support me as I set off on my new journey.

I would be grateful for your continued support and guidance, too.

Thank you very much.


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